Heart Mentors signups are going on now!

2019 Signups end April 17


Kickoff Event: Monday Night, April 22

6:30 pm • Prestoncrest’s Fellowship Hall

What is the "Heart Mentors" Women's Bible Study?

Heart Mentors is a group of Christian women who meet once a month in homes around North Dallas seeking community across generational gaps. There is no set curriculum, instead each group studies whatever book/study/series they choose. Our desire is for each group to have the freedom to tailor their conversations to their spiritual needs. 

Who is invited to sign up?

Ladies of all ages and family statuses! Singles, marrieds, divorced, younger ladies, middle aged, and older ladies are all encouraged to sign up. We feel like the minimum age should be 18 years old, and the ladies who sign up need to have already finished High School.

Can I sign up to attend a group after they start?

Groups are sorted and locked in once they start, so no new attendees can be added, unfortunately, after our groups begin meeting.

How large are the groups?

We strive to keep each group at around 7 people.

What ages are included in each group?

Our goal is to have good mix of all ages in each group. There will be at least 2 middle aged or older ladies, along with 2 younger ladies, per group.

When, where, and how long do groups meet?

Groups begin meeting after the kickoff at the end of April. Final meeting is in October. There's no specific date/day/time/location each group has to meet for their monthly get-together. Each group has autonomy to pick one night each month to get together, and decide what time, and how long they will meet. They also choose their desired location to meet. 

When/how do we register?

Signups begin each year in March, and run through mid-April. Signups happen online each year. Link will appear at the top of this page when available.

When do each year’s groups begin?

Our kickoff event happens on a Monday night at the end of April in the Fellowship Hall at Prestoncrest. At that event, group members are introduced to each other and they then decide what they will study and when/where they will meet each month through October.

Have more questions? Contact our church office @ 972.233.2392 and ask for Barbara!